Case Study: Disgusting housekeeping

case study"Room appeared clean when I checked in, except for sticky residue on night stand (I washed it off). Left room at 8:30 AM next day, returned at 7:30 PM. Bath mat was thrown on bathroom floor, although it was clean and towels replaced. Walked into bedroom and bed not made. Room not vacuumed for the 3 nights I stayed (I deliberately left crumbs and a rubber band on the floor). After 2nd nite, bed was "made" but you could still see where my head laid on the pillows. Took shower and 1st towel I pulled off the rack had black streaks all over it, 2nd towel had brown streaks - both went straight on the floor. Found dead bugs in corner of the bedroom, stains on wall (like coffee or what???). Plastic cups not replaced, extra roll of TP not replaced. Looks like all Housekeeping does is replace towels and pick up trash, unless you complain. When I left, I made my bed and left a note under the covers for the next guest - "If you're reading this note, this bed has not been changed". Left detailed complaint for manager, called manager 3 times after I returned home and have never heard one word from her. I left my suitcases in garage for a week after I got home, in case there were any little "hitchhikers" from this place. DO NOT STAY AT THIS HOTEL!!!!!" [Real customer feedback, found online]


  • What are the problems identified by the guest?
  • Can you identify underlying issues?
  • How would you approach this with your team?
  • What will be your focus area after receiving this review?
  • How will you ensure the same / other guest(s) will not experience the same problems?
  • How would your answer look like when responding online?
  • How much do you trust online customer feedback?

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