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Housekeeping trolleys: How to minimise housekeepers burden and protect their health

It’s well known that housekeepers perform one of the most demanding work in a hotel. They usually clean between 10 and 14 rooms per day – some even more!

Cleaning all day long is physically very challenging, and many room attendants can get debilitating injuries like cumulative trauma injuries that develop because of pushing or lifting heavy objects, twisting, and bending repeatedly. The most affected body parts are the shoulder, neck, back, and wrist. This primarily impacts the housekeeper’s well-being in the long-term and, ultimately, also the hotel’s performance since the most common consequences are absenteeism and difficulty in finding new employees.

Unfortunately, some of those injuries can be caused by pushing heavy and not organised trolleys. So, choosing the correct housekeeping cart is undoubtedly one of the main preventive steps towards building a safe working place for the hotel employees.

Download: Mercura Hospitality Catalogue 2019

Mercura exists to helps housekeepers prevent those injuries thanks to its light, ergonomic, and custom-made trolley solutions:

Firstly, by exclusively using aluminium as raw material. Aluminium is well known to be three times lighter than the other metals, and this has a significant impact on the weight of an empty cart. At the same time, it is a very durable material and a good investment for the hotel – the life expectancy of the trolley is between 10 and 15 years.

Moreover, Mercura gives considerable importance to the wheels that need to be adapted according to the type of flooring of every hotel: diameters and materials have a significant impact on the manoeuvrability.

For the most attentive clients Mercura also developed the motorised trolley with a fifth wheel to drastically reduce the efforts in moving the cart.

Finally, Mercura can customise the trolleys to improve and helps efficiency and organisation during the work shift with a new design or with additional accessories.

The result is increased employee satisfaction, a lower sickness rate, and significant improvement in the work processes.

Download: Brochure Corporate

One thing is for sure: there is not one universal solution that fits all hotels – every property is different and requires the right trolley solution. Buying trolleys from Mercura, allows you to discuss your individual needs with us and adapt the trolley configuration or even have a custom build trolley to meet your hotel’s needs. You can contact the headquarter via and get redirected to your local seller for personalised consultation service.