hsk-knowledge.com announces purchase of TheHousekeepingDirector.com

In January 2017, hsk-knowledge.com completed the purchase of thehousekeepingdirector.com, a website dedicated to all Housekeeping Managers and Supervisors. thehousekeepingdirector.com was started in 2011 by Michael Chandler, who developed and grew this American counterpart of hsk-knowledge.com over time.

Following the completed purchase, Michael Chandler stated: “I started the thehousekeepingdirector.com several years ago simply because I couldn’t find housekeeping information in one place.  I thought if I could collect as much information as possible it would be helpful for me and also for others that have the same difficulty. I have had the wonderful experience of connecting with others in housekeeping all over the world. It was a hobby and I like to think I helped others, I hope I did.  Life for me is changing and so leaving the hotel industry means I will no longer have the time to maintain the website. I am very excited that the information simply won’t vanish and can live on through the website hsk-knowledge.com with Christoph Hoffmann, who genuinely cares about housekeeping.”

Christoph Hoffmann, founder and owner hsk-knowledge.com, indicated a transfer of the thehousekeepingdirector.com‘s content to hsk-knowledge.com:  “thehousekeepingdirector.com is a great resource for housekeeping professionals and an excellent addition to the information already available on hsk-knowledge.com. The vast amount of content will continue to be available to houskeeeping professionals worldwide and, over the neext months, migrate to hsk-knowledge.com.

Visit hsk-knowledge.com and thehousekeepingdirector.com to access the free resources.