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How does your bathroom cleaning routine look at the moment? Surely, you are applying cleaning chemicals to all of the bath surfaces to ensure these areas are cleaned after very checkout, leaving a hygienic environment for the next guest.

When did you last think about the hidden pipes and pump system of your jacuzzi spa bath? Did you know that body fats, hair, organic matter and biological waste deposit in the spa bath system over time?

Possibly, you are one of the many housekeepers who never knew spa baths were to be ‘flushed-clean’ after every checkout.
Don’t worry, you are not alone! There is help available to allow you to do more to change the reputation of spa baths not being safe or clean.

“We think the key thing to note is that SPA.GIENE will be used as part of the new normal, in terms of flush cleaning and disinfection specific to spa bath hygiene.”

In the given situation, hotel guests are paying additional attention to cleaning activities and the desire to enter a hygienic environment is becoming a top priority. Hotel guests are now seeing ‘hygiene tags’ at their room door as a reassurance.

It is time to go the extra mile and provide additional assurance to guests when using the spa bath in their room. Hotels and housekeepers need to adjust their cleaning routines to meet the needs of their guests in this ‘new normal’.

SPA.GIENE is recognised worldwide and proven, as the market leading jacuzzi spa bath cleaner sanitiser. SPA.GIENE is formulated as a wide spectrum antimicrobial product, designed to effectively and hygienically clean and sanitise the entire surface and pump system of jacuzzi spa baths and hydrotherapy spa baths, by breaking down and dislodging body fats, hair, organic matter and biological waste.

The best thing about SPA.GIENE Total Clean system is that it is an easy, one-step system that cleans the jets, pipes and pump in one application, leaving the jacuzzi spa bath sparkling clean and fresh.

Do you want to know more? Do you feel SPA.GIENE can play an important role in your post COVID-19 hygiene regime?

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