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‘We care about the experience of every single guest and family member that enters our doors and our sole purpose, as always, is your health and safety.’

Statements like this are issued by hotels around the globe, highlighting that new cleaning regimes were introduced to ensure the safety of all guests during the ongoing pandemic. A statement alone will not create a safe and hygienic environment for hotel guests – housekeeping operations need to adjust their cleaning routines to cater for the new normal.

We think the key thing to note is that SPA.GIENE will be used as part of the new normal, in terms of flush cleaning and disinfection specific to spa bath hygiene.”

In a previous article on we learned that body fats, hair, organic matter and biological waste deposit in the spa bath system over time. This has created the need to flush-clean spa baths on a regular basis – ideally at the end of each guest’s stay.

SPA.GIENE offers a simple and effective hygiene solution, delivering the desired result in only three minutes without adding extra labour time to the check-out cleaning routine. Here is an easy step by step guide:

SPA.GIENE wants to help hotels understand the importance of spa bath hygiene and to ensure housekeepers that it is simple to implement and cost effective.

Since 1997, Peter Harman has been globetrotting throughout South East Asia, the Americas, South Pacific and the UAE, educating and promoting correct hygiene training to hotel housekeeping teams.

HY.GIENE Australia provide SPA.GIENE’s comprehensive spa bath hygiene workshop designed to get the message across that jacuzzi spa baths must be flushed-clean after every checkout! This shows executive housekeepers how they can incorporate this ever important procedure into their daily routine.

SPA.GIENE workshops have already drawn audiences of over 500 housekeepers throughout Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and India, helping housekeeping professionals to understand the role they play in delivering a clean and hygienic jacuzzi spa bath to their valued guests.

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