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Unlock employee empowerment through an innovative housekeeping solution

The hospitality industry is quickly realising that technology solutions at the operational level are mission critical in a highly competitive market. Forward thinking hoteliers are keen on identifying tools to improve the day-to-day running of their operations. The labour intensive, high-staff-turnover, and costly housekeeping operations now seems to take centre-stage, as innovation in this area promises to deliver substantial operational improvements, cost savings, and improved guest satisfaction.

Generally, managers in the hospitality industry are quoting similar benefits of introducing technology into their operations:

  • automating routine tasks to make the operation more efficient
  • replacing paper-based processes in line with the operation’s sustainability goals
  • measuring and increasing departmental productivity
  • improving organisational efficiency though more effective communication
  • streamlining operation to save time and money while delivering a great guest experience effortlessly

For some reason, employee empowerment through the use of a technology solution is an aspect that is hardly ever mentioned and hence overlooked quickly; it is certainly not something that should be underestimated – especially when it comes to housekeeping software solutions.

An immediate benefit of the introduction of housekeeping software, is the availability of relevant and up-to-date data, not only to the hotel management, but all to team members including Room Attendants, Supervisors and Senior Housekeeping Managers:

At day-to-day operations level, Room Attendants and Supervisors can access the readily available, tailored and understandable information relevant to their area of responsibility on the go via mobile applications.

At operational management and strategic level, the housekeeping and hotel management has the opportunity to tap into historic data, enabling the identification of trends and allowing continuous improvement of the housekeeping operation. Also, the availably of information enhances the toolkit of senior managers allowing the tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) on an ongoing basis and forms the foundation for other employee engaging initiatives: like employee recognition and reward programmes.

Empowerment though the availability of relevant data – this change is huge for housekeeping operations that even today are busy running their operation with pen and paper.

The use of technology enables this department to automate and hence ditch time consuming administrative tasks and allows it to focus on its core responsibilities that include delivering clean rooms and excellent customer service to paying hotel guests.

Not only do the housekeeping department and hotel management benefit from the use of an innovative housekeeping software solution, other operations and guest facing departments are impacted positively. An increase in employee empowerment can also be observed here: Front Desk Agents, who in the past had to interrupt their check-in process to make multiple phone calls to get updates on the cleaning progress of the rooms, which they require for the guests standing in front of them, are now enabled to spend more time communicating with the guest, identifying their needs and delivering a greater check-in experience.

It becomes evident that revolutionising the housekeeping function by introducing software and technology delivers benefits on many levels. It is common knowledge that empowered employees experience higher job satisfaction, stay longer in their role and deliver a better output.

In an industry that relies heavily on team members delivering excellent service and a great guest experience consistently – day in and out – it makes perfect sense to equip this key operation with a software solution that subsequently empowers the housekeeping team and hotel employees. A key result is that the housekeeping team will be empowered to further personalise and enhance the guest experience.

Innovative hospitality businesses understand the need to invest in tools that allow hoteliers, management and employees to achieve operational excellence. They are rewarded with increased guest satisfaction, optimised processes and reduced cost – the best return on investment once can ask for.

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