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Unlock greater cleaning productivity with time tracking

Project management is a huge responsibility, no matter the industry. In cleaning companies where team members aren’t seated together at desks in a single office space, making sure that everyone is working the right amount of hours becomes considerably more difficult.

Monitoring the time worked, creating schedules, and later reviewing the time cards submitted by your team add up to an enormous time commitment. Not to mention that these tasks are very repetitive, and mistakes will translate all the way to the payments. All in all, inaccurate time cards are a big obstacle to productivity.

But there is a solution: trusted time tracking software for cleaning companies. Effective management starts with identifying where time is spent, and time trackers are excellent tools for this purpose. With the help of good time tracking apps, owners and managers of cleaning companies can plan better and make way for more important tasks.


Why cleaning teams need time tracking software

Traditional paper time cards are the standard method of keeping track of hours worked by teams. They are hugely outdated and prone to inaccuracies With manual time cards, project managers will find it extremely difficult to investigate when there are missing hours, or when someone on the team has worked extra hours.

Attendance monitoring poses a major challenge as well. Constantly having to check in on each team member consumes precious time. And even then, it’s simply impossible to always keep an eye on everyone.

All of these problems are caused by relying on outdated time management methods and reluctance to take advantage of digital tools for cleaning companies like time tracking apps.

With time tracking software, every hour worked by each team member is accounted for. The data—which serves as’ proof of work—can be accessed by managers and business owners at any time.

And unlike manual time cards, time tracking apps cannot be cheated. Thus, the possibility of questionable time reports, costs due to unplanned extra hours, and the need for guesswork are greatly reduced.


Hubstaff, the time and attendance tracking app for cleaning teams

Hubstaff was created with productivity in mind. It’s the perfect time management app for cleaning teams, where tracking hours and following schedules are of the utmost importance.

Time tracking with Hubstaff is simple, but the results it yields are comprehensive and useful. With Hubstaff, you can track time and location from a simple mobile app.

By looking at the information gathered by the app and accessed through a streamlined dashboard, business owners and project managers can identify which client sites are in need of more attention.

In this article, Virtual Mgr managing director Anil Patel, cites time management software as a primary reason why one of his clients was able to save $750,000 in timesheet fraud reduction.

Hubstaff’s scheduling features make it easy for managers to allocate team members, and add or edit as needed. The app will automatically send notifications whenever there are abandoned, missed, or late shifts, helping you check in before there’s a problem.


An all-in-one tool for more efficient team management

Time tracking and scheduling aren’t the only capabilities that Hubstaff offers. It’s a complete time and project management software that’s made to help teams make the most out of every minute, including:

  • GPS location tracking to monitor your team’s work. Useful not just in the cleaning industry, but for mobile teams in general as well. Know where your team has worked throughout the day, or watch as they do their tasks in real-time.
  • Online invoicing to bill clients in an organized manner. It works hand-in-hand with the time tracking feature. Keep track of billable hours and automatically generate invoices for client projects.
  • Automated payments based on the hours tracked by team members and their hourly pay rates. Additional options like one-time payments and payment reports are also available. Hubstaff supports major payment platforms like Transferwise, Payoneer, and PayPal.
  • Project budgeting so you don’t need to spend effort on overseeing project expenses. Set hours and cost limits, and Hubstaff will notify you if you are nearing the budget. Create weekly limits for the team, and make correct and timely adjustments.

With Hubstaff’s set of features, time and project management can be made substantially easier. Hubstaff automates less important yet time-consuming tasks so cleaning company management can pay more attention to the team and the quality of their work.

Save time, increase efficiency, and maximize team productivity—Hubstaff lets you do it all.