Housekeeping operations are at the heart of many businesses!

They play an essential role in ensuring the smooth running of the overall operation. The areas of responsibility include the general upkeep of the building as well as the safety and satisfaction of the people working, living, visiting the buildings. is passionate about the efficient and professional operation of housekeeping operations – we understand how important this department is to the overall success of any business.

Setting up, running, and improving a housekeeping operation is a demanding task. It requires a substantial amount of expertise as there is so much to consider in order to get it right. To support businesses and to allow them to concentrate on their core activities, is providing consultancy services to ensure the delivery of the most efficient housekeeping operation. Our services keep the latest emerging housekeeping trends in mind and honour industry best practices. We always advise with the view to improve quality standards, enhance employee engagement and satisfaction while aiming to reduce costs.

The below outlines some of the consulting services offered by Please get in touch to discuss your requirements by emailing or using the contact details provided here.

Contract & Procurement Management

If you are running a business, you will be managing multiple suppliers and contracts. You might have outsourced some of your housekeeping activities or you are thinking about doing so. can help you to make the most of your current or future contracts by:

– setting up and managing procurement by tender processes
– reviewing existing contracts
– auditing service level agreements

Operational Review & Action Plans

It is very useful to get a second pair of impartial eyes to review the day to day operation. provides a personalised and detailed operational review of your existing housekeeping operation. The aim is identify challenges and assess the effectiveness and productivity of current procedures.

The operational review is an in-depth audit and all findings are presented in a written report. The report includes a detailed action plan to allow swift corrective action by the on-site team. provides you with:

– an impartial review of your housekeeping operation
– a personalised and detailed operational audit
– a written report detailing the findings and providing a relevant action plan

The overall business and the housekeeping operation will benefit from this review by:

– being exposed to an external audit process
– learning about the latest housekeeping trends and industry best practices
– improved quality output and greater employee and guest satisfaction

Health, Safety and Security Audits

Housekeeping operations usually employ a large number of employees working de-centralised across one or multiple buildings or sites. Hence, it is very important that the businesses health, safety and security procedures are tight.

Ensuring the health and safety of employees and guests starts with having the right policies and training documentation in place. The same holds true for the security of the building and the people inside. can help you to ensure your processes and procedures are up to date and fit for purpose by:

– reviewing existing documentation and practices
– working with the on-site team to enhance existing documentation and practices

Software & Digitalisation

Housekeeping operations are moving into the 21st century and software solutions are starting to play a very important role in the efficient running of the department. It can be a challenging task for the operator to choose the right software solution.
At the same time software providers might lack the operational expertise to deliver a user-friendly and intelligent software application solving the underlying root cause of an issue.

We at can help both parties by:

– supporting the procurement process of relevant software
– supporting the on-site team to make the most of existing software solutions
– project managing software projects
– aiding the development / enhancement of software solutions
– mapping user journeys and writing detailed feature specifications

Pre-Opening Management Support

Opening a hotel is a challenging task! Getting the set up of the housekeeping operation right is essential for the success of the operational running of the business post opening. can support the pre-opening and set up of the housekeeping function by:

– providing the full project management
– scoping the project plan and guiding the team to successful completion
– assisting in the preparation of relevant manuals, policies and trainings
– providing guidance during the recruitment of the housekeeping operations team

Mystery Guest Check

How does your (housekeeping) operation perform in the eyes of your guests? Being involved in the day to day running of the business might not allow you to see what your guests are seeing! offers a comprehensive mystery guest check including:

– a detailed and documented review of the guest facilities experienced
– a comparison of the experience against your standards
– suggestions on how to improve the overall experience

Feasibility Studies

You have an idea and want to explore if it is feasible? Let help you to scope the idea and conduct research to compile a feasibility study. Having your idea on paper, will allow you to make a sound business decision.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching is the process that enables learning and development to occur and performance to improve. While mentoring is off-line help by one person to another in making significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking.

Maybe you are looking for coaching / mentoring for yourself or a a senior member of your housekeeping team? Please get in touch to explore how can support.