Housekeeping Trainer

Interesting video about the role of a housekeeping room attendant trainer. Peer training and checking is an interesting approach and seems to be very successful in this case. It is key to find the right individuals to take the role as housekeeping trainer.
The person interviewed in this video, shows enthusiasm for her job and likes to train other people – these are two key characteristics for any good trainer. Furthermore, as mentioned in the video as well, potential housekeeping room attendant trainers need to be trained on how to train other people before starting their new role. It is not enough to promote a good room attendant and expect this person to be a brilliant room attendant trainer. Ensure that the person gets the right training and support to be able to fulfil the role; if the training and support is not available, one sets the individual up for failure. Also, one will not get the desired results in room cleanliness, properly on boarded new team members, increased team spirit and reduced turnover.