Housekeeping Training Video

Welcoming new team members is important and providing the right information during the induction is key to ensure that the new team members know what is expected from them and what they can expect from the hotel and/or the department.This housekeeping training video is a welcome video for new starters for Hotel Modera and a good example how to provide relevant information to new team members. Some benefits of using a video during induction are:

  • standardisation of information – all team members get the same information,
  • videos and pictures help to break down language barriers,
  • videos and pictures usually attract the audience’s attention, and
  • it is an opportunity to show the hotel facilities to the new team members.

Right at the beginning of this video the new starters are informed about the goals of the hotel and it is highlighted why the housekeeping department plays an important role in satisfying guest needs by providing a very clean place to stay. It is very important to make team members understand how their work adds value to the hotel operation, how it enhances the guest experience, and how it drives guest satisfaction.Furthermore, this video gives the new starters an overview of tasks and duties:

  • starting with arriving for work to work,
  • highlighting the tasks at the beginning of the shift,
  • providing an indication on how long the service per room type should take,
  • showing how to prepare the housekeeping trolley for the shift,
  • explaining the lost and found procedures,
  • showing step-by-step how to clean a room,
  • giving an example of what do when meeting a guest in the room.