Quality Guestroom Cleaning

Quality guestroom cleaning begins even before a room attendant enters a room. There are several pre-shift responsibilities a room attendant needs to fulfil, e.g. following the grooming standards of the hotel and wearing a clean uniform. Also, it is key that everybody arrives on time and before the shift starts. Being on time means one can start the when the shift begins, this will allow sufficient time for the pre-shift meeting and for cleaning the allocated rooms to the highest standard.

It is important to prioritise the tasks in order to achieve the high quality standards room cleaning requires – usually this is done during the pre-shift meeting. Here is a simple guideline:
• clean early service requests first
• followed by check outs and stay overs,
• late check outs and room refreshments come last.

It is key to be busy all the time and this mean one might deviate from the above sequence based on own observations or requests from the supervisor or manager.